Article Digest - August 2012

“Peak Oil or Peak Energy? – A Happy Solution”

A consistent theme in this letter has been the connections between items that may seem to be far removed from each other but are actually linked at the very core. If you push on one end you get a reaction in what would seem to be the most unlikely spots. Today we explore the connection between the fiscal deficit and energy policy.

By: John Mauldin

“Corporation Tax sleight of hand turn us into worl pariahs”

Can a reasonably well-behaved country with few, if any, enemies, become an international pariah? Can a country that has pursued neutrality, contributed much to the UN and taken diplomatic political correctness to asphyxiating heights, come crashing down and become shorthand for mendacity, evasiveness and intercontinental tax avoidance?

By: David McWilliams

Debunking the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Myth

A look at the data to see what actually happens to stocks when taxes go up and spending goes down.

By: Minyanville

“The European Flag, Reversal Candlestick in Stocks, and Precious Metals”

The outlook for the Euro Index is more bullish than not. Stocks have a short-term bearish outlook, but the downside is limited.

By: Minyanville

“Why Now’s the Time to Consider Canadian Energy Stocks”

Canada’s energy sector is still home to promising growth stocks and a large number of dividend-paying securities that offer elevated yields.