Everything You Need To Know
About Social Security


Find out everything you will need to know about Social Security and get all your questions answered.

In this brief 3 part video you will learn:

1. Everything You Need To Know about Social Security prior to Retirement

       - When you should apply and start Social Security?

       - How much social security you can receive?

       - How you qualify and earn credits for Social Security?

       - What you can do to maximize your Social Security Benefit?

2. What you need to know about Social Security during retirement

       - Do you pay taxes on Social Security payments?

       - Can you keep working after taking Social Security and how does that effect your benefit

       - Do you get penalized for working while collecting Social Security

3.  What you need to know about Social Security and divorce or death and disability

       - How does Social Security work if you are divorced?

       - What happens to Social Security after you die and how does the survivor benefit work?

       - How does Social Security help you become disabled?

Access the video today and receive a bonus discussion about the Solvency of Social Security and if Social Security will be there for you when you need it.

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