Certain things in life deserve to be protected. For some it may be a loved one for others an enterprise or retirement asset.

At Quiver Insurance we believe insurance should be used to protect what is near and dear to you and your family.

At Quiver Insurance Services we pride ourselves on helping our clients save money by educating them on how to use insurance in the most cost effective way. We search the best policies to ensure our clients, their family and their assets are safeguarded.

A Life Insurance review is a useful tool that helps determine if your current policy is maximizing your insurance benefits at the lowest possible prices.

Term Insurance

Term insurance is the most basic form of life insurance protection.It is affordable and maintains a level rate of cost for a specified period of time. It is in force for a specific period of time, and if the insured dies while the insurance is in force, the face amount or death benefit is paid to the beneficiary.

Term insurance does not accumulate a cash value so the premiums are generally less than permanent insurance. This type of insurance is generally used to pay off large debts that exist for a limited period of time like a mortgage. While the advantages of Term Insurance center on the affordability the cost of replacing the insurance at the end of the term could be significantly higher.

Whole Life Insurance

Permanent Insurance (Whole Life, Universal Life and Variable Life) provides dependable financial protection for as long as the insured lives.Unlike Term Insurance premiums paid do not increase and the payments are fixed for a period of time.

In addition, Permanent Insurance accumulates a tax deferred cash value that can be borrowed against for tax free retirement income.

Permanent Insurance is typically used for people who would like to combine the needs for insurance with long term savings desires.

Variable Universal Life

Variable Universal Life insurance is a permanent insurance that builds cash value which can be invested in sub accounts similar to mutual funds and may also be borrowed against for various income needs such as retirement or college expenses. VUL policies allow the insured to invest the cash value that has accumulated into sub accounts similar to a mutual fund. This provides the potential for greater returns of the cash value.Premium payments may vary without the policy lapsing and the cash value as well as the death benefit can fluctuate based on performance of the portfolios sub accounts.VUL policies are ideal for insurance seekers that have a long term time horizon and wish to maximize the potential returns of their insurance from the accumulation of cash value to the disbursement of benefits via tax free income via policy loans or an increase in the death benefit value.

We invite you to learn more about our unique approach to finding appropriate insurance coverage for your life.